Friday, October 21, 2011

Freedom or destiny?…………Both are abstract words.

Desire is essence of Life. To suppress Desire is like a felony. Any system that doesn’t give individual freedom and autonomous self is not holistic Perspective.

We usually associate Freedom word with struggle.
Because we all aware with the fact no one gives us freedom we have to claim it .
Nobody can give freedom to individual unless the individual himself chooses to be free. and that’s True Very True.

Being free means without any Physical & emotional constraint. The only question is how it affects human behaviour.
I have seen many people’s believe in Destiny.
So whats the relation between Freedom & destiny.
I think the only difference between ‘Freedom & destiny’ is eternal & ephemeral, since experience in both cases is primitive.


Physical science can be included as more definite & enterprise science, since they have firm mathematical foundations.
Same equation can be applied to freedom or destiny?
Can we calculate & measure freedom or is there any formula for destiny …………Both are abstract words.

We believe in Newton’s 3rd law, we do believe in oscillation of pendulum, we daily use permutation combination, we solved linear equation like in $\sin \cos \theta. We do challenge ourself with quadrant values like periodic equation. 
Does this entire species alive or exists .but we accepted them.

I know science is based with experimental conclusion while philosophical words like destiny, freedom based on ideas, imagination.
I think in day to day life we all deal with science & philosophy equally.

                                               ....... To Be continued